Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bittersweet Endings

I apologize that it has taken me nearly a week to write about my experiences during Asthma week and my take on the whole summer. I think that the reason is that I just can't deal with the emotions of it being over...what am I to say?

To explain Asthma week....hmmmm....AMAZING!!!! I had six 9, 10, 11, and 12 year old boys. They were SO much fun! I fell in love with their smiles, their laughs, their funny habits, and the way they snored. : ) I ended up having to help another boy's cabin one morning and I made new friends there too. The youngest girl's cabin had at least three girls that latched on to me. By the end of the week I had friends all over camp. I loved getting to know all of them even though it made my "good-bye" harder. Everything last week was just that...the was hard to put that out of my mind as we went to different activities. I was able to push it out of my mind and just focus on giving the "last" kids the week of their lives! I enjoyed the "last" of 2010 so much and now I can't wait for the "first" of 2011.
This summer was not all fun and games...I learned so much stuff that I could have lived without. It got rough sometimes...almost to the point of me just turning and running away. But if my God is with me then whom shall I fear? Has He not commanded me to be strong and courageous? Can I not do all things through Christ who strengthens me? God pulled me through this summer and now I know how to prepare myself for the next. He is with me and He will be. He intends on me being there and so there I will be. Even when it gets so dark that I feel like running, the thought of waking up and serving the kiddos makes it worth it. Plus...Christ is my light and He can shine through the darkness like no other. Right?
Saying good-bye last Friday was VERY hard. I had to say farewell to crying campers and then to weeping counselors. Not only were the tears that of sorrow, but I also cried because this summer has been the greatest I've ever had. God taught me so much about myself, about the world, and about His love. Serving my Diabetes, Cardiac, Arthritis, Kidney, Oncology, Bleeding Disorders, and Asthma kids changed my life. I will NEVER be the same. As Uncle Kracker says in his song "Smile" :
"Don't know how I lived without you, because everytime that I get around you, I see the best of me inside your eyes."
We played that song on our end-of-the-week slideshows...that verse got me everytime. I do see the best of myself in these kids. In Christ.
My journey of Summer 2010 started June 6th during training week and it ended August 13th during Asthma week. I can't imagine my summer, my life without the four camps I worked. Throughout the year I will look back on a week and have a new joy for the day, because of some sweet memory. Those memories will forever be mine and I praise God that He gave me each and every one of them. He led me throughout this entire journey...holding my hand. You can't even imagine my appreciation to God for this amazing summer. I can only pray that I will hold on to all that it taught me and emerge a brand new person.
Thank you so much for all of your support and prayer! You all helped me get through this too...just by reading my blog helps...haha. One thing you can be praying for now is my transition back to "normal" life. I have been wrapped up in "Camp" so long that I need to become "normal" again. : )

I have made a slideshow of pictures from this summer. If you would like a copy just send me an email and I'll see what I can do!

Thanks again to all of you! I love you all!


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